Therapeutic Arts Trip

2018 Trip Dates:

January 7-21, or January 7-23 with the addition of an optional safari experience

For additional information or to request an application, contact Linda Stolz, GAA Director of Programs,

2018 Therapeutic Arts Trip to Kenya

Travel with School of the Art Institute of Chicago and George Washington University art therapy faculty and other creative arts therapists to Kenya.

The Therapeutic Arts Program (TAP) is one aspect of GAA’s multidimensional approach to addressing the needs of vulnerable children in East Africa. The TAP mission is to provide emotionally and physically safe spaces where orphaned and vulnerable children and youth are valued and respected as contributing members of the community, and where they can use the arts to freely express themselves, be unburdened of whatever troubles them, learn from each other, gain confidence in their skills and abilities, and experience a sense of belonging.

This mission is addressed by collaborating with African artists who have the interest, skills, sensibilities, and dedication to provide strengths-based therapeutic arts programs in the local context. GAA coordinates annual paraprofessional trainings in therapeutic applications of the arts, which are collaboratively led by East African therapeutic artists and creative arts therapists from other countries. Trainings cover basic and intermediate art therapy and counseling skills within a trauma informed and culturally relevant framework.