GAA’s Kilimanjaro Climb

“Action expresses priorities”- Mohandas Gandhi


The Kilimanjaro Climb scheduled for summer 2018 is a unique fund-raising event for the benefit of GAA Community Library Program and is not available through any tour operator.  From eight to twelve individuals will climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to earn donations from sponsors recruited by each climber.

Mt. Kilimanjaro is one of the few great mountains in the world that can be hiked to its summit.  It is the only one of the seven continents’ tallest mountains to allow this access.  No technical climbing expertise is necessary.  Participants carry only light day-packs and will sleep in tents. Porters will carry our belongings and all of the needed gear on their heads up the mountain.  Nevertheless, the hike is long and challenging.  Everyone who reaches the top considers it one of the great accomplishments of their lives.  Success is achieved by a combination of will power and disciplined walking technique. Although it is classified a “hike,” only persons in good health who have prepared both physically and mentally should attempt the climb.

Certain to be a life altering experience, the trip is designed to acquaint the group with the Global Alliance for Africa integrated approach to provide assistance for GAA Community Libraries in Kenyan and Tanzania.  We will have the opportunity to see Africa from the roof to the real world!

During the journey, you will:

  • In  Kenya and Tanzania, savor  warm welcomes from the African people while visiting programs supported by Global Alliance for Africa, including its community libraries.
  • Spend 6 days on Mount Kilimanjaro, climbing from the base camp at 6,000 feet to the summit, 19,340 feet, and then back down again.
  • While interacting with local people, take a photographic safari through the short grass plains of the Serengeti, site of the great migration and the Ngorongoro Crater, the largest intact un-flooded caldera in the world.
  • Immerse yourself in the unique culture of food, music, and spices of Zanzibar.

Please see day by day details for your itinerary in the itinerary section.

The primary objective for the Kilimanjaro Climb is to raise funds to benefit vulnerable women and children in Africa.  You are going to have a great time in Africa, but your primary responsibility is to raise money for community libraries. The Kilimanjaro Climb is one of the largest fund-raising events sponsored by Global Alliance for Africa.  Individuals will climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania (elevation 19,340 feet) to earn donations made by sponsors. It is important that each individual appreciates the financial responsibility he or she carries. How much do you have to collect?

Participants Minimum Donations Required
You $2,500
You and Your Spouse $4,500 (a 10% reduction)
You and a Child $4,500 (a 10% reduction)
You, Spouse, and Child $6,000 (a 20% reduction)

All contributions must be received by the beginning of the trip. In addition to the contributions required, each climber must pay his or her own travel costs, which will be $5,580.00 per person including air from Chicago (double occupancy).